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Wine Information

All wines mature at the same temperature, which is a constant temperature set between 12°C to 14°C. Only the temperature of "degustation" (wine appreciation) varies according to the type of wines. This being said and as it is for natural cellars used by wine producers for long period of storage, it is not the exact temperature that is important, but its consistency. In other words, as long as the temperature of your wine cellar is constant (between 12°C and 14°C) your wines will be stored in perfect conditions.

Not all wines will improve over the years. Some should be consumed at an early stage (2 to 3 years) while others have tremendous aging capability (50 and over). All wines have a peak in maturity. Do check with your wine merchant to get the relevant information.

Wine Storage


All wines mature at the same temperature, which is a constant temperature set between 12°C to 14°C. Vintec presents a wide range of wine cellars offering single, dual and multi-temperature models to meet your cellaring needs.


High humidity will cause molds whereas low humidity will cause corks to dry out. Vintec wine cellars are equipped with a system that recycles water from condensation, ensuring ideal humidity conditions for your wine.

Nature Ventilation

In order to prevent mould growth, which would generate bad odour and risk deteriorating the corks, Vintec provides a natural permanent ventilation, introducing renewed air from the ambience into the cellar through an "air circulation" effect.

UV Protection

Light and UV rays rapidly destroy your wines by oxidising the tannins. Vintec wine cellars safeguard your fine wines from harmful light and UV rays with solid plain door or anti-UV treated glass door options.


Slow, balanced-cycle compressors and wooden shelves are equipped in the Vintec wine cellars, to reduce vibration to the minimum.

The quality of the materials, the innovative technology and the contemporary design make Vintec wine cellars the ideal solution for safeguarding your precious collection.