Product Technology

Temperature Control

Vintec wine cabinets come in several temperature setting options to meet different requirements.

  • Single Temperature
  • Dual Temperature
  • Single / Multi-temperature

Optimum storage condition

Vintec wine cabinets are not just about keeping wine cool. Other technologies for preserving wine to maturity are also incorporated.

  • Improved Hygrometry
    Condensed water is automatically reintroduced as humid air within the cabinet. Vintec wine cabinets are equipped with a system that recycles water from condensation to create correct humidity required. For extremely dry environment, water may be added into the container provided to generate the required humidity.
  • Carbon Filter
    Enhanced ventilation and air renewal.
  • Anti-frost Security System
    Third sensor at the bottom shuts off compressor if temperature reaches 3˚C or below. System is totally independent of ordinary controller circuits.
  • Black Inner Finishing
    A natural cellar setting that prevents excessive light from damaging the maturity process.

Displays your collection elegantly

For the purpose of a showcase in a restaurant or at home, the Vintec wine cabinets come with an array of functional features.

  • Internal Light
    Lights are integrated in cabinet ceiling to maximize storage utilization.
  • Layered Glass Door
    Triple (two glass and one acrylic) layered glass door with anti-condensation layering to minimize condensation and present a constantly clear showcase.

Readily adapts to your lifestyle

Vintec wine cabinets are designed to integrate with the surrounding furniture and space. Installation for below-the-counter or kitchen cabinet is a breeze.

  • Reversible Door Hinges
    Left or right opening depending on your preference or kitchen design.
  • Integrated Door Lock
    Discreet yet secure lock prevents unauthorized access.